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Kindergarten Program:  Fiddle Stix – Introduction to the fastest game on two feet


FiddleStix is a fun, non-competitive, non-contact, developmental lacrosse program for boys & girls.  

The FiddleStix program gives the young players a fun, safe way to learn basic lacrosse skills.  Skill work is combined with scrimmages (no goalies), when possible.

For kids in Kindergarten for the current school year school year.

"Fiddlestix are smaller lacrosse sticks which are easier for the kids to handle.  Softer balls are used with the “fiddlestix”.  The sticks and balls will be provided to all players.  No additional protective equipment is needed.

The season will consist of a once a week clinic (~45 mins).

The cost to register for the season is $50 per player which includes a t-shirt for each player.  In addition, your child must register with the US Lacrosse* ($35 membership) and have an active membership for the season.  Please register with US Lacrosse first at You will need the membership # to register for Westford Lacrosse.

The sessions will run from mid April through mid June and will be held at one of the schools in town during the week (typically starting around 6pm) 

We are always looking for parent volunteers. No prior experience is required.  Please let me know if you are interested in helping out.  

Questions? Please contact Murph McKeon, 

NOTE: * We require the US Lacrosse registration because the insurance coverage is provided through US Lacrosse.