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Boys Grades 1/2 and Grades 3/4 

The focus of Westford Youth Lacrosse is to teach the fundamental skill sets involved in lacrosse.  It will be conducted in a safe, fun environment where the kids can learn the key skills of lacrosse to prepare them for the next level of competition.  

Grades 1/2 Boys teams have a weekly practice session (1 hr) and potentially have an optional second practice to play Chumash (short sided games).  The league games are on Sundays. 

Grades 3/4 Boys team will have two weekly practices (60 mins) and the league games will be on Sunday.

Game format:  The games will be 7v7, including a goalie, on a small field.    

The players are required to wear full protective equipment.  (helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, mouth guard, and stick)  The helmet needs to be an official lacrosse helmet.  No hockey helmets.  Protective cups are encouraged.  If your son wants to play goalie, he must wear a protective cup.  

We are always looking for parent volunteers. No prior experience is required.

Questions? Please contact WYL at .